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Thread: Sitting on the fence w/M1A

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    Default Sitting on the fence w/M1A

    OK, I've been wanting a Springfield M1A for awhile now. I'm not really sure which way to go with this. I've pretty much descided to go a head an buy one from Springfield(pre assembled) instead of building one.

    Here's the hard part: Standard or Loaded. I've never owned a Springfield rifle before so I don't know how much of a quality difference there is between to to two types. Obveously the Loaded has more features. Are these features worth the extra money? How well are they fitted?

    The reason I'm concerned about this is, I can easily take a Springfield GI .45, hand fit all the extra do-dads to it and make it a better performing pistol than a Loaded version.

    Is the Springfield Standard M1A a good enough platform to add match parts to and get a "better than" Loaded rifle (accuracy and fit)?
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    I'm not up on the loaded rifle package that is currently being sold, it used to be the "loaded" was the basic National Match gun ie. Carbon steel NM barrel and NM sight assemblies, and perhaps the regular fiberglass stock. The barrel is the item that would pose the most problem with installing. The sights and most of the other items could be added later but I don't know whether that would be cost effective. Also the NM tuned trigger assembly. Aren't they offered now with the Stainless barrel on the loaded rifles. I've got a standard grade rifle I've had now for better than 10yrs and I can't imagine that Springfield would turn out a rifle that's sub par. I had to make some serious sacrifices to pay for this rifle and I'd do it again. Not to pressure you but, but I've not regretted the purchase of this rifle, and on a dozen occasions I've been offered new gun money for mine. How many rifles can you say that about ? Out of all mine this is the only one beside my Garand I can say that about. The "loaded" guns are very tempting and I'd probably buy one if I didn't have all sorts of other guns to shoot and kits to build. That being said the true nature of my M1A is it is the first gun I reach for when me or my buds go shooting.

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    i have a scout and a NM, i like them both but the scout feels "handier" and shoots probably just as good.

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    I have a loaded package M1A and it is great. I upgraded the op rod, bolt, and trigger goup to all H&R USGI parts. The loaded package has a NM barrel that has a 6 grove barrel and they like the heavier bullets in the 165 grain weight. They will shoot surplus but not as good as the heavier bullets. The national match trigger group, flash suppressor, sights (non hooded), barrel, and heavier walnut stock are good on the loaded package but I would want a M14 clone with all USGI parts first before the loaded package if you can find one for sale at a reasonable price.

    The days of buying a new standard with USGI parts are over from Springfield. You may get a few parts but nothing really good. You can upgrade one part at a time but it gets expensive fast for USGI parts.
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    talk to armorer59, he builds competition M1A / M14 rifles
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