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    Default Opinions and comments please

    I went to a couple funshows recently trying to sell my Century Cetme. It's in VG to Exellent condition, no crack in receiver, and comes with 9 mags. I know the table holders were using the usual tactics, which I expected, but the walkers seemed to be looking for tactical rifles with pelletgun prices. One guys asked me why I was selling. I told him I had other rifles in .308, he was hoping I was in desperate straights and walked away disappointed. A few guys were real interested in it for themselves but didn't have,at that moment, what I was asking. It was only 10am.
    My query to you all is,what are they going for, or have you seen them for in your area? I know different regions have different prices. Just so next time I head out I can price accordingly.

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    Cool Cetme Price??

    A couple seasons back...$400 new..out the door in Illinois.Now, used $450 to $550 at the same location.Online auctions...up to $600 to $650 due to paranoia on semi-308. Prices should be based on functional design operation, but America seems to be heading towards hoarding of any semi-308 and any AK.

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    I've been seeing them going for $500'ish around here. Check some of the aution sites and see what people are bidding.
    Don't get frustrated if it doesn't sell right away, I had an Hakim that was missing a few of the normally missing parts, it took three shows to sell it for what I had paid for it. Everyone is looking for a deal right now, you just have to find the person that understands the value of it.

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    in the $500 range around here. money is very tight i wouldn't expect anything to sell quick unless its a fire sale.

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