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Thread: Which 308 rifle - allaround purpose

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    again, just one more time. " THE FAL".
    vietnam vet 67-68

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    Galil 7.62X51

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    I've shot FALs before. The ergonomics work for me, and I can hit stuff. But they're big and heavy, and not something I'd want to lug around, which would fail at least part of the "all around" test.

    I'd look at a Yugo, Valmet, Galil, or Saiga for a general-purpose .308 rifle.

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    Most reliable - FAL
    In between - HK91 or quality clone like A series PTR91, Springfield Greek made steel reciever gun or AZRS or Gunplumber build.
    Most Accurate - LAR8 or DPMS

    Something without a PG - M1A (My M1A was only marginally better than my FAL with the same ammo and less accurate than my HK91 with the PSG1 trigger group in it.

    Factory Valmet .308 mags are mostly made from unobtanium. .308 Galil mags are expensive. Neither are light. Saiga and Yugo isn't exactly light either or more accurate than the average FAL with a newish not improperly cleaned barrel. If you don't want heavy then you don't want a .308 MBR. I would say that the recoil of the HK, Saiga, and Yugo are the worst. FAL, M1A in between and the LAR8 and DPMS the least from experience shooting them, but I didn't use the same lot of ammo or do it all at the same time so that is just the general groupings. You can lighten up a FAL some by going with an aluminum lower and a shorter barrel like the 18" or 16". I personally prefer 18". Mine shoot ~1.5-2.5 MOA at 100 yards with 168 grain handloads depending on where the first round goes. Solid 1.5ish if you throw out the first round flier. My M1A did about 1.5 with the same load. HK91 did about 1MOA all 5 shot groups from the bench with a scope.

    My model 1 AR on the other hand puts 5 shots at 1.5-2MOA with British SS109. 0.5-0.75MOA on a nice calm day if I do my part with my 77grain handloads. I would still take my FAL if I knew I was going to be by myself and have to slug it out with someone behind cover. My buddy's LAR-8 with free float will probably do similar with handloads if he ever takes the time to work up a load. Only shot the slightly tarnished Port through it so far.

    An all around gun would fall between the 5.56/5.45 platforms and the .308 MBR platforms. 6.5 Grendel and 6.8SPC are close, but it would be better if they designed a round then designed the gun around it instead of the other way around. More punch on barriers than 5.56 in a platform lighter than an .308 MBR.


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