SCAR-H / 17S Flat Recoil Demonstration - Gun Camera Video
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Thread: SCAR-H / 17S Flat Recoil Demonstration - Gun Camera Video

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    Default SCAR-H / 17S Flat Recoil Demonstration - Gun Camera Video

    I hooked the Countour Roam camera up to my new SCAR 17S the other day and recorded several shooting sequences. What I think this video demonstrates is how amazingly flat the recoil is on the SCAR-H or as it is called in its civilian form, the SCAR 17S (which is what I was using).

    Note particularly the sequence with rapid fire. Muzzle stays fairly flat and gets back on target in a hurry.

    The minimized recoil on the SCAR is due to the huge muzzle break on the SCAR 17 as well as the short stroke gas piston system in it.

    Here is a link to the video

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    Does it have the 16.25" barrel? I compared the FAL with 21", 18" and 16.25" barrels. There wasn't a lot of difference between the 21" and the 18". The 16.25" had much less recoil, but also the muzzle dropped a lot. In full auto I found that the shorter barreled FAL was easier to control. It weighed less but also the bullets weren't going as fast or had as much energy as from the longer barrels. I compared the 16.25" barrel SCAR-17S to the 16.25" barrel FAL and the felt recoil was about the same for both. I didn't have a chronograph that day to compare the muzzle velocities though. The velocities I did measure from the 16.25" barrel FAL were somewhat disappointing. The 144 grain ball ammo was only slightly faster than 123 grain ammo from a 16.25" barrel AK. Only the better bullet design and accuracy of the FAL ammo makes it seem slightly better. For the added recoil and weight, it hardly seems worth toting around the short barreled FAL and its ammo compared to the AK. I still want to get a SCAR-17S though.

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