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Thread: Tech sight for the SKS

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellson View Post
    I mounted up a set of these sights on one of my Romy (Cugir) SKS rifles. They work as advertised, but there is a bit of a windage shift with each disassembly, maybe 1/2 MOA @ 100 yds. Considering that the SKS I mounted it on was sub MOA @ 100 yds, I did not care and found the variation to be within acceptable ranges. Since there are very few SKS Rifles that are sub MOA without a complete re-machine AKA an accurize treatment, your results may vary.

    I sold that SKS to a friend of mine, and he still likes it; occasionally suckering an unsuspecting AR owner out of a few dollars at the range.

    The take away is probably obvious, and Moleman put it very well... "why does it have 4 setscrews, and by what standard or acceptable shift in point of aim do they use?" To which I do not have a good answer. God seems to smile upon my efforts on occasion, and this is probably one of those occasions....

    At one point, Tech-Sights advertised an acceptable zero shift after reassembly. Now the FAQs say that there is no shift in POA/POI.

    What I did when had mine was this: I put the rear sight on, applied Loc-Tite, and snugged them well. I then went and found a quick-release pin and used that instead of the provided screw.

    I had to tap the pin in and out with a small hammer, but this setup made the SKS hold perfect zero after reassembly.



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    I got a set for the SKS but I haven't install them yet but I've been more than happy with the 10/22 sights .. B2B

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