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Thread: Looking for someone to modify my HK 91 parts to HK51 parts

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    Default Looking for someone to modify my HK 91 parts to HK51 parts

    I'm looking for someone to take my HK91 parts kit and turn it into HK51 parts. What I have to send are
    Barrel with front sight
    bolt and bolt carrier
    Front barrel trunnion
    Cocking tube with all parts including spring.

    What I don't have yet is my HK receiver. Which I have on order and will bend. I don;t have the equipment and measurements to mod a 91 kit to a 51. I'm wondering if anyone here can do this or knows someone who can. Just PM me some pricing or questions.

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    gee i had a spare hk 91 flat
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    One of these guys can help you. I would start with the first guy Jeff Walters AKA (Ghillebear). Very nice guy and reasonable prices. Most of his work is strictly HKs ...from MP5'S to HK93 SG1. This is the man I will be sending my virgin FMP kit to.

    I would buy a new RCM 51 barrel, it's profiled right and I think you would be happier that route. A smith will only need the carrier, cocking tube and maybe cocking tube support. Here's a 51 barrel>
    Here's mine:

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