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Thread: M1A build and range report

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    Default M1A build and range report

    Had another build with me that has been sitting in the safe for years without much progress. Need some help with my M1A

    Spent some much need personal time with the rifle and got it built. Its a Springfield M1A receiver with a complete H&R parts kit I have been sitting on for several years. I stripped what was done before and re-assembled it and brought it down to shoot. First thing that happened is it would only fire one round at a time with the need of the charging handle each round.

    Went on line found someone else having similar problems and discovered the spindle valve had some blockage. Fix that problem and took it back to the high desert range for some testing.

    Parts kit - H&R
    Receiver - Springfield
    Mags - US Mil issue from 44mag.com nice mags and heavy duty well built....
    Ammo - Aussie 7.62 mil issue...I have several thousand rounds of this premium stuff stacked around. Great ammo!!
    Range - High desert Nevada

    First set of rounds with open sight was nailing the adhoc target of old propane tanks on the side of a hill at 50 yards. Pushed back the targets to 100 yards open sight....this time with target paper, nice 6in diameter set of holes with the second mag.

    Went to check the target with a family member who wiped out his short barreled shotgun and proceeded to blow the shit out of the targets....HAHAHA

    Much fun was had

    Picture of the beast below. Love M1A's
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    oh-yea that is super nice--

    now ya got me wanting one too!

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    Beast my ass. That, Sir, is a thing of beauty.

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    sweet I always wanted to do one of those

    first off having lived in Reno, one can not beat a day in the high desert target shooting

    US military mags are the way to go I have been reading nothing but bad things about Taiwan and korean M-14 mags.

    really came out nice
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    The M14/Garand are best iron military sights of any military weapon. Revamped an ugly $315 new Norinco with custom barrel and US bolt and other mods. Built my other scratch M14 from a heal stamped Sarco M21 billet receiver (NOT ARMSCOR) with CMP TRW parts; $35 bolt, $35 trigger group, $45 op rod when they were CHEAP, NM heavy CM barrel.Both have Freds walnut stocks. Mine was several years in the making & know your joy. A true mans rifle. Love it when a project come together. Nice build there!

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    Looks great Boss!!
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