Wanna screw with someone who doesnt know much about computers?
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Thread: Wanna screw with someone who doesnt know much about computers?

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    Talking Wanna screw with someone who doesnt know much about computers?

    This is a good prank that i heard about at school the other day...

    First, right click on the clock in the right hand corner of the screen, go to properties and turn the clock off.

    Then go to the desktop and close all the windows. Then take a screen shot of the desktop (CTRL-Prt Scr).

    Then paste it into word pad or paint and save it as a *.bmp.

    Then copy all of their icons to somewhere else on the hard drive. If they have XP turn all the icons off by right-clicking, then left-click the properties option, then go to desktop and uncheck all the icons.

    While you are in the Desktop properties change the wallpaper to the screen shot of the desktop with all the icons.

    After clicking ok on all those windows right click on the taskbar and go to properties, click the autohide option. Then to have a little more fun drag the taskbar to the right hand side of the screen.

    Now you should be set, just leave the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen. The screenshot you made will have what looks like the taskbar on the bottom and itll look like their icons are still there.

    Sit back and watch as they try to click on the icons and restart their computer. after that doesnt work you can be nice and restore everything or you can be really evil and let them call tech support!

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    I do have a BIL that needs some aggrevation.............

    Good Ole Boy from a Good Ole Place

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    We have pulled that one at work several times! Even in our IT department it fools guys!

    The best one we ever did was turn our boss's PC into a Cher fest. he admitted to us that he was taking his fiancee to a Cher concert on her farewell tour. He was not happy about it

    So..... We got some Cher wallpaper and even loaded mp3's on to his PC to start playing on boot up. Then we made some of his icons play her songs too when clicked.

    After that we edited his registry so he could not change any of it. He thought it was hilarious!

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    Thats not fun. THIS is fun. (the following directions are for WIN XP
    Browse to C:\ Windows. Go to System 32. Click on one item in the System 32 directory. Hit CTRL A to select all items in the folder. Right click in the folder and select "COPY".
    Close the window, and get out to the Desktop. Place mouse in middle of desktop.Right Click.
    Select "PASTE".
    Watch as several hundred items paste to the desktop.
    Enjoy victims screams of anguish.
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    http://tinyurl.com/8wmnx these can drive people nuts..

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    You guys are wicked.

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