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    A blond, tired of the blond jokes, dyed her hair red. She lived out in the country , with only one road in and out. On her way to town one day, she came around a big curve, and right in the middle a farmer was herding a flock of sheep across the road, so she had to stop. While she was sitting there, she thought. She rolled down her window, stuck her head out and yelled, "Hey mister, if I can tell you how many sheep you got, can I have my 'pick of the litter'? The farmer thought, "There's NO way she'll get this right." so he says." Sure!" She looks for a sec and says 87. By God, she's right, " OK, take your pick." She picks a cute li'l'n , picks it up and puits it in her car and goes on into town. Later that evening she's comin' back and in that same curve, a man is standing in the middle of the road, waving his arms; It's the farmer. She slows down and stops , rolls down her window. " Yes, can I help you?" The farmers says." Ma'am', if I can tell you what color your hair used to be, can I have my dog back?

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    ok that one i liked, now go to the corner for the others
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