Woman goes into a antique store and is looking around when she sees this little ball of hair sitting on top of this little table with a little sign that just says "Woolybooger". She asks the clerk about it and the clerk says," OH you don't want to know about that.""Yes I do"replies the woman. "Ok, watch this, Woolybooger, the drapes!" All of a sudden this little hairball jumps up , runs over to the drapes, yanks them down, tears them all to shreds, runs back, jumps up onto the table and settles down into a little hairball just like before, still as can be. "That is great!, I'll take it!" So she take s it home and puts it under the bed. Late that night, as usual, the husband comes home drunk. He staggers into the bedroom, "There's the little woman, how 'bout some luvvin'?" "No, you're way too late and way too drunk, where have you been?" "Come on now, don't make me mad, let's make whoopie!" " I told you no, now leave me alone!" "Well why not?!" " Well 'cause of my woolybooger." "What?! Woolybooger?! Woolybooger my ass!!"