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    Dear Boss,
    I have enjoyed working here these past several years. You have paid me
    very well, given me benefits beyond belief. I have 3-4 months off per year
    and a pension plan that will pay my salary till the day I die and a health
    plan that most people can only dream about.

    Despite this I plan to take the next 12-18 months to find a new position.
    During this time I will show up for work when it is convenient. In addition
    I fully expect to draw my full salary and all the other perks associated
    with my current job.

    Oh yeah, if my search for this new job proves
    fruitless, I will be back with no loss in pay or status. Before you say
    anything, remember that you have no choice in the matter. I can and will do


    Every Senator or Congressman running for President.

    Try that at your job and tell me how it works out.

    "Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway." - The Duke

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    Its the same thing all over the world....Some rules for the politicians, other ones for ordinary people..

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    Politicians are just about as big a blood sucking leach can get on society.

    Look at what they actually do to make a living.. Actually a little worse than lawyers too..

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    Nothing has changed in the history of the world. Same old shit, different time.
    Your in my Mind, and in my Sights

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    The sad part is, once they are elected, spend their time "working for the people", they get a pension that most can only dream about. My neighbor was in charge of the senate floor until he retired many years ago and he drew about 100K a year pension. He passed several years ago now and his widow continued to draw about 60K which I'm assuming she still does down in south fla. where she moved to after Charlie died. Heck of it is, well get this>>>>> No Taxes! Just spending our taxes. Hell of a retirement program even if your job requires you to put up with assholes!!!!!
    Bill from Spartanburg

    Be like an old dog!!!! If you can't eat it or screw it, just piss on it and walk away!!!!

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    Not to mention that they never pay into social security, yet collect it at a level concurrent with their salary at the time they retire. Where does that money ccome from? Oh yeah, US, the tax payers!

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