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    Default You Can't Make This Stuff Up

    Man Accidentally Shoots Toilet After Gun in His Pants Goes Off
    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    CENTERVILLE, Utah — The man escaped with a few cuts to his arm, but the toilet made out much worse.

    Police say a man's gun fell out of its holster while he pulled up his pants after using the bathroom at a Carl's Jr. restaurant Tuesday. The gun fired when it hit the floor and shattered the commode.

    A few shards of porcelain cut the man's arm, and a woman in an adjacent restroom who was frightened by the noise reported she was having chest pain. Both people were checked at the scene and released.

    Police say they confiscated the 26-year-old man's firearm while they review the incident. The man had a concealed weapons permit. No charges are being filed. - Man Accidentally Shoots Toilet After Gun in His Pants Goes Off - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

    The follow-up story.......

    Restroom requiem: 'It was a good toilet' gunned down in line of 'doody'
    Centerville hamburger joint offers commode consolation
    By Kathy Stephenson

    The Salt Lake Tribune

    Updated: 01/29/2009 08:13:03 AM MST

    What should you do when your toilet dies in the line of "doody"? Have a funeral, of course.

    On Friday at 10 a.m., the Carl's Jr. restaurant in Centerville will have a "moment of silence" for the potty that was destroyed last week when a patron's handgun fell out of the holster and fired as he was hitching up his pants.

    The bullet shattered the toilet and sent sharp shards into the man's arm. The 26-year-old, who had a concealed-weapons permit, was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

    But the "john" was destroyed, and the national hamburger chain is feeling the loss. "By all accounts, it was a good toilet; reliable and well liked by customers and crew members alike," wrote Brad Haley, executive vice president of Carl's Jr. marketing, in a tongue-in-cheek note posted on the company's Facebook page.

    "It seems only fitting to have a formal service to let everyone say goodbye to such a critical member of our team that was in very close contact with the public each and every day," Haley eulogized. "Our thoughts go out to the surviving men's room urinal and porcelain sink. We only hope that the new toilet can fill the void left by its predecessor, but so far it hasn't made much of a splash."

    The outpouring from the community has been overwhelming, said Carl's Jr. manager Christian Martinez. "We have received e-mails and cards from all over the country expressing condolences for our loss," he said. "People will have the chance to say goodbye in their own way at the memorial service."

    Employees at the restaurant, 385 N. 800 West, will hand out bottles of Kaboom® Bowl Blaster toilet cleaner to the first 50 funeral attendees, he said, as "it was the toilet's favorite."

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    "Our thoughts go out to the surviving men's room urinal and porcelain sink" I'm glad they responded this way as opposed to bashing gun owners.

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    My daughter is in residency in miami and works er shifts.

    Every Saturday night at least one of the Chavos or Home boys comes in with a bullet hole through his privates. She says they like Glocks and when getting it out of their pants they grab the trigger.

    Should help the gene pool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moleman View Post
    "Our thoughts go out to the surviving men's room urinal and porcelain sink" I'm glad they responded this way as opposed to bashing gun owners.
    I agree Moleman, that was a classy way to spin the incident. They could have flamed the guy, and instituted a zero tolerance policy...
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