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    A fellow hoists three brews every Friday at the same bar. Without
    fail, every Friday he buys three brews and thoughtfully drinks them
    down and then goes home. After months and months of this "pilgrimage"
    the bar tender is curious and says to the man: As certain as a
    sunrise, you come in here and drink three brews and then go home,
    there must be a story to this. The man replies: There certainly is a
    story behind this. I was in the worst of the VietNam War. Three of us
    became unseparatable buddies. We all vowed that if we ever got out
    alive, we'd all meet on a Friday evening and drink to our
    deliverance, and if one of us was missing the other two would drink
    the missing man's drink, and likewise if only one of us survived that
    man would drink for the missing two.

    The following week the fellow orders two brews, and consistently
    drinks two brews every Friday evening. After months of this, the
    bartender says to the man: You used to buy three brews every Friday
    after work, but now you drink only two. There must be a story to

    The man replies:
    I joined the Mormon Church, and I'm not allowed to drink.
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    (smile) some things answer to a higher order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjohnson View Post
    (smile) some things answer to a higher order.
    Aye, some things do. Used to be we told these stories about the WWII vets....now it's about the old Nam vets....((sigh)) think I'll toddle on down to the old folks home and check myself in now.......

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    nobody likes the mormons.... pick on them

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    Similar joke:

    Every night, a man walks into a bar. He orders three Guinness drafts and slugs them down... After a few months of this, the barman asks, "what's up with your drinking three beers right away, and then going home?"

    The man replies, "I have two brothers in Ireland. When we were growing up, we all vowed to drink together no matter what... If one of us was not present, the others would drink his beer. Since I live here and my brothers still live in Ireland, I have to drink three beers every night..."

    A few months later, the man comes in and orders two Guinness drafts and slugs them down... The barman, knowing this tradition, approaches the man and says "I'm sorry for your loss..."

    The man replies, "What do you mean?"

    "Well," says the barman, "You only ordered two drinks, this must mean that one of your brothers died..."

    "Oh no, no, no! My brothers are fine... It's just that I quit drinking..."


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