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Thread: Miss me yet??

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    Default Miss me yet??

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    LOL! and those were the GOOD OLD DAYS! ROTFL!

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    I'll have second that.

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    LOL! and those were the GOOD OLD DAYS!
    Yeah, those were the good ol days alright...My ass, lets don't forget paying almost $4.00 a gallon for gasoline.....while bush and his partner in crime tony blair, made a fortune in their main business...(Oil).....You got to give bush credit though he done real good for himself, As instead of stopping the oil companys form just completely dry fucking us for 3 years, He took national funds and sent everyone a $400.00 check to go buy some gasoline....took it from the national reserve and put it right in his own pocket...And alot of people thought that was great....LMFAO.....Anyhow I am not a fan of "obunghole" But he did not cause the problems currently at hand, He just has not done anything to fix them...And to even take things a step further When our country is in crissis and our realstate market has crashed, Bush brags about how he bought a 10 million dollar ranch for only $2 million......What a assclown!!......He should be held accountible for his actions and stand trial in my opinion.....By the way, Where is those "Nukes" that saddom whould not hand over??.....Did I miss the CNN report? As I never heard anything about them finding them....bottom line is he took us to war to try and gain control of their Oil...every life lost is on his head and he should stand trial for them....All of our intelligence advised him Not to go into iraq, As there was no Nukes there....But he pulled rank and went anyway, Why do you think that is???........OiL= Money = power...

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