The place was Mistic Sea Port, Conn. the year was 1863........ this old pirate walks into a bar, he has a peg leg, a hook on his arm, and a patch over one eye and says"gives me a rum mattie" Arggggg! So after a few rounds the bartender gets nosey and asks,"Tells me matie, what happened to your leg? the old pirate says"well mes fell overboard and just as me matties was pullin me aboard a friggin shark come up and bits me leg off". DOWWWWW!!!! says the bartender feeling sorry for him he gives him a drink on the house. After a bit the bartender gets nosey again and ask's, "Tells me mattie, "what happened to your arm?" Well, says the old pirate, "a awful storm come up one night and I git wraped up in the rigging, and it ripped me friggin arm off!!! " DOWWWWWW!!!! says the bartender as he gives him anouther round on the house. SOOOO after a bit the bartender gets nosey again and asks," well tells me mattie , what happened to your eye?" "Well mattie , I was up in the crows nest on look out and a friggin albatros comes over and shats right in me eye." The bartender thinking this guy was just trying to get anouther round on the house at this point with all his hard luck storys says, "And You mean to tell me that, that albatros shating in your eye, took your eye out??????" Oh No mattie," says the old pirate..... "it was the first day with me new hook!!!!!!!!"