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Thread: My favorite movie line EVER.

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    Outlaw Josey Wales, one of my favorite movies.

    My 2 favorite lines (quotes) from that movie....

    1.) Josey: "Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?"

    2.)Josey: 'When I get to likin someone, they ain't around for long."

    Old Indian feller: 'I noticed when you get to dislikin someone, they ain't around for long niether."

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    Hudson: "Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man??"

    Vasquez: "No, have you??"

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    "I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."

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    Cool Hand Luke..

    "What we have a failure too communicate."
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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    I can eat 50 eggs.

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    From "Animal House"
    "Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us."
    Do it before it is too late!
    Proud member of the NRA,GOA and JPFO!!!
    And now GOCRA in MN!!!!

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    Vaughan Cunningham: You always seem to be deep in thought. Tell me, what are you thinking right now?
    Karl: I was thinkin', I'm gonna take me some of these taters home with me.
    Vaughan Cunningham: How about before that?
    Karl: Well, let me think... I was thinkin' I could use me another couple cans'o that potted meat if ya got any extree.

    Sling Blade

    Long uncomfortable gas station scene from:
    No Country for Old Men

    - How much?
    - Sixty-nine cents.

    And the gas?

    Y'all getting any rain up your way?

    - What way would that be?
    - Well, I seen you was from Dallas.

    What business is it of yours
    where I'm from...


    - Well, I didn't mean nothing by it.
    - You didn't mean nothing?

    I was just passing the time.

    If you don't want to accept that,
    I don't know what else I can do for you.

    - Will there be something else?
    - I don't know. Will there?

    - Is something wrong?
    - With what?

    With anything.

    Is that what you're asking me?
    Is there something wrong with anything?

    - Will there be anything else?
    - You already asked me that.

    - Well, I need to see about closing now.
    - See about closing?

    - Yes, sir.
    - What time do you close?

    - Now. We close now.
    - Now is not a time.

    - What time do you close?
    - Generally around dark. At dark.

    You don't know what
    you're talking about, do you?


    I said you don't know
    what you're talking about.

    - What time do you go to bed?
    - Sir?

    You're a bit deaf, aren't you?
    I said, what time do you go to bed?


    Somewhere around 9:30.
    I'd say around 9:30.

    I could come back then.

    Why would you be coming back?
    We'll be closed.

    Yeah, you said that.

    - Well, I got to close now.
    - You live in that house out back?

    - Yes, I do.
    - You lived here all your life?

    Well, this is my wife's
    father's place, originally.

    You married into it?

    We lived in Temple, Texas
    for many years.

    Raised a family there. In Temple.

    - We come out here about four years ago.
    - You married into it?

    - If that's the way you want to put it.
    - Well, I don't have some way to put it.

    That's the way it is.

    What's the most you ever lost
    on a coin toss?

    - Sir?
    - The most you ever lost on a coin toss?

    Oh, I don't know. I couldn't say.

    - Call it.
    - Call it?

    - Yes.
    - For what?

    Just call it.

    Well, we need to know
    what we're calling it for here.

    You need to call it.
    I can't call it for you.

    - Or it wouldn't be fair.
    - I didn't put nothing up.

    Yes, you did. You've been
    putting it up your whole life.

    You just didn't know it.

    - You know what date is on this coin?
    - No.

    1958. It's been traveling
    22 years to get here.

    And now it's here.
    And it's either heads or tails.

    You have to say. Call it.

    Well, look,
    I need to know what I stand to win.

    - Everything.
    - How's that?

    You stand to win everything. Call it.

    All right. Heads, then.

    Well done.

    - Don't put it in your pocket.
    - Sir?

    Don't put it in your pocket.
    It's your lucky quarter.

    Where do you want me to put it?

    Anywhere not in your pocket.

    Or it'll get mixed in with the others
    and become just a coin.
    Charter member-Busted Box Club est. 2006

    "I will adhere to the Patriot Act, the one signed in 1776"
    - Marc Anderson

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    No Country for Old Men. CLASSIC!

    Sling Blade is one of the best movies ever made.

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    Why won't you jump, I can't swim, Well if the jump doesn't kill yea, ah hell - Who are those guy,s Let's keep this fight clean none of this & this & this, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
    "The two enemies of the people are criminals and goverment, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so that the second will not become the legal version of the first" ~ Thomas Jefferson

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    I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse-- Godfather--
    Nemo ME Impune Lacessit
    Manus sapiens potens est
    пиштоли не убиваат луѓе, тие само го прават тоа полесно

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