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    Default Cashing your first check

    A couple had a five year old girl, they had just moved into a subdivision that was still under much construction. For weeks the little girl watched the construction crew building the house next door asking if she could help every day. Finally one day the mother asked the guys if they would mind if her little girl helped in any way. The guys agreed and for a week they had her picking up little things here and there. At the end of the week they talked the foreman into cutting her a check for $25.00. The little girl was elated and asked mom if she could put it in the bank. Mom drove the little girl to the bank first thing Saturday morning where the girl proudly presented the check to the teller. The teller asked her how someone so young earned so much money. The little girl told the teller about working a construction job for a whole week. The teller asked if she would be working again next week and the girl replied "if Home Depot ever gets around to bringing the god damn drywall"
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    I know it's a joke and maybe not true....

    But still....

    It would be a better world if little girls and little boys could go and do :little: work and get a "little" paycheck from the foreman....Even if it was the big-hearted construction workers saying "take it from my check"...

    I would kind of like to think that we live in THAT America. As opposed to the Lib-Tard version that says that kids can't work and that expecting kids to work for a reward is somehow bad.... I hold hope that in some places in America, a little kid can go and help, and do a good job, and earn the appreciation of the professionals, and get a paycheck. I know that when I had guys at my house doing improvements, if my kids helped and did not cause issues, they were paid. It was up to the foreman to decide who, and how much. But that was obviously a different situation.

    God Bless those who work hard. And God Bless those who teach others to do so to their betterment.

    God bless America.
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    Nice to think that there are kids who want to work and aren't waiting for a handout.

    When I was about twelve, I spent $25 hard earned allowance dollars and bought a used lawnmower. Made quite a bit of money with it, sold it for thirty bucks, bought a nice new machine and by the time I graduated high school had quite a few clients and a nice roll in the bank.

    These days, some dip from the government would probably have a fit about someone that age operating such a "dangerous device". Of course these days I probably couldn't get started doing lawns anyway since I don't speak spanish.

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