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    Top Ten Reasons Men Prefer Guns to Women

    #10 – You can trade an old 44 for a new 22.
    #9 – You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you’re on the road.
    #8 – If you admire a friend’s gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times.
    #7 – Your primary gun doesn’t mind if you keep another gun for a backup.
    #6 – Your gun will stay with you even if you run out of ammo.
    #5 – A gun doesn’t take up a lot of closet space.
    #4 – Guns function normally every day of the month.
    #3 – A gun doesn’t ask, “Do these new grips make me look fat?”
    #2 – A gun doesn’t mind if you go to sleep after you use it.
    #1 – You can buy a silencer for a gun

    Top Ten Reasons Women Prefer Guns to Men

    #10 – When you pull the trigger, a gun doesn’t say “I’ll do it tomorrow, honey.”
    #9 – You can buy the gun new, and don’t have to worry where it’s been.
    #8 – You don’t have to do any prep to get the gun’s barrel straight.
    #7 – When you fire your semi-auto, it’s instantly ready to fire again…and again.
    #6 – You don’t have to cook anything to make your gun happy.
    #5 – You can easily lock up your gun to keep other users away from it.
    #4 – If you’re a bit interested in two guns, they don’t start punching each other.
    #3 – If you decide you want to have a little gun or two, your big gun doesn’t get a two-month anxiety attack.
    #2 – You can nag your gun all day and it can still perform.
    #1 – If you impulsively choose a pistol, you can trade it in for a nice long gun guilt free.

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    HAHA funny!
    "Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway." - The Duke

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