Cop Accidently Broadcasts Having Sex in his Squad Car While on Duty
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Thread: Cop Accidently Broadcasts Having Sex in his Squad Car While on Duty

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    Default Cop Accidently Broadcasts Having Sex in his Squad Car While on Duty


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    Makes me wonder if there was someone trying to "fix" a ticket.
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    I have a few relatives and friends who are cops and this does not surprise me!

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    OOPS!!!!! I'll bet he had some explaining to do when wifey found out, hope she didn't have a scanner too, but I'll bet she did. I think I'd rather put up with the Sarg's grief than a woman scorned!! At least with the sarg, worst case, you'll may need to find anouther job. With a wife, you'll need to find anouther job too, but also, a new house, cloths, car, bank account,,,,,ect,,,,,ect!!! A woman scorned is NEVER a good thing and the "Grand Inquisitor" has nothing on her eathier!!!! BUT it could be worse, you could stay married and never hear the end of it, women are like elaphants, they never forget!!!! After all, as you all know,,,,,,, in a marrage the husband always dies first,,,,, Why you ask,,,,,,, cause he WANTS to!!!!!!!!!!! chuckle chuckle!!!!!

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