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    When four deer hunters arrived at the deer camp for their annual hunt they found that all the lodging was taken except for two cabins, both equipped with two beds.
    Three of them, John, Bill and Fred had a lively discussion as who would bunk with Bob who was a habitual snorer.
    They finally decided that the only fair way was to take turns.
    Bill shared a cabin with Bob the first night and the next morning he appeared red-eyed from lack of sleep. He said that Bob snored so loud that getting to sleep was impossible so he sat up all night and watched Bob.
    The second night it was Fred's turn and the next morning he looked even worse than Bill had. He stated that Bob's snoring was so loud that even the windows shook and there was no way he could get to sleep so he too sat up all night and watched Bob.
    The third night was John's turn and the next morning he appeared all bright-eyed, alert and fully rested and Bob looked as if he had not slept.
    Bill and Fred was amazed at John's appearance and asked him what happened.
    John told them that when they went to bed he patted Bob on the bottom, kissed him on the cheek, and Bob sat up watching him all night

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    Ya,,that works!!! Looks like we got a new resident Smart Ass!!!! Very good Alaskan

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    Very funny!

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    Funny but scarry, yikes!

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