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    Default Creation of Women

    One day sitting in the Garden of Edan, Adam was sitting on a rock with a very troubled and sad look on his face.

    God looked upon Adam and asked him, "What is troubling you my son?"

    Adam replied, "God... I am so lonely."

    God replied, "Why my son? I have given you a perfect garden in which I've placed countless plants and animals for you to live amongst and name."

    Adam says, "I know God, but I talk to the animals and they do not respond. I talk to the plants and it's the same thing. All I have is you to talk with yet I have never seen your face nor known your touch. I need a companion God."

    God says to this, " Adam I have an idea. I will make you a woman."

    Adam asks, "What is a woman God."

    God replies, "Well my son, A woman is everything a man finds beautiful put into a tight, supple, valuptuous body. She will gather you food and prepare it for your consumption. She will give you all of your sexual desires and never refuse your advances. She will care for you when you are ill and listen to your every command without question and do whatever you ask of her without as much as a peep of disagreement. She is the most perfect companion."

    Adam stood astonished. He couldn't believe God could do such a thing for him so he asks, "God that sounds amazing. What would you ask of me in order for me to have such a companion?"

    God replies, "Well this is very difficult, but I will be able to do this asking only for an arm and a leg from you with which I can make such a woman."

    Adam paused. He looked at his arm and his leg and looks towards the heavens and asks, "What can I get for a rib?"
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    Good one, thanks Abukai08.

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