A guy walks into a bar........
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Thread: A guy walks into a bar........

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    Default A guy walks into a bar........

    This guy walks into a bar and there is a big jar full, up to the top, with 50 dollar bills sitting on the counter. The guy asked "What's the jar for?" The bartender replies "Give me $50 and I'll tell you." The guy says forget that. So after about 8 drinks the guy gives the bartender $50. The bartender says "Ok I'll give you this jar and all the money inside if you do 3 tasks. First drink this bottle of Vodka and don't make a face, second there's a pitbull outside with a tooth ache, pull the tooth and bring it to me, and third there's an old women who has never had an orgasm, give her one." The guy smashes the vodka no problem, goes outside and finds the dog, the guys inside hear all kinds of barking and screams and shit so after about ten minutes they figure he's dead. Then he walks in and says "Ok, now where is the old lady with the tooth ache?"

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    OMG,,, that was pretty darn good also.

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    I have a friend like that. He can drink beer all day long. A few shots of vodka and he goes ape shit!

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