Man Has Dead Wife's Vagina Carved on Tombstone -

Man Has Dead Wife's Vagina Carved on Tombstone

BELGRADE, SERBIA -- A Serbian widower is making news after having his late wife's vagina engraved on her headstone.

Milan Marinkovic says it was his wife's dying wish that he never look at the private areas of another woman, according to the Examiner.

Before she passed away, Milena Marinkovic left detailed instructions on how she wanted her final wishes to be carried out.

She explicitly described to her husband that she wanted him give photographs she had taken of her vagina to a hired sculptor so that an exact replica can be on her headstone, according to TheFrisky.

ďThe problem wasnít finding the money, but finding an artist who would do it. Most of them said it was blasphemy. Now itís finished I love it and itís a really good likeness. And this way, a part of her will always be with me,Ē said the 72-year-old widower.