A young man was hired at a local store. During his orientation his manager stressed that he should try to up sell customers. The young man was confused and asked him what he meant. The manager demonstrated by asking a nearby shopper on what she was looking for and if he could help. Upon hearing that she was looking for a cake mix, he directed her to the appropriate isle and also told her of a special on new cake pans. The woman left with a mix and a new cake pan. The young man nodded his understanding and was left alone to attempt this himself. The next time the manager noticed him, the young man was ringing up a huge sale for a gentleman with all manner of fishing equipment. The manager was quite pleased and approached the young man and asked about how he made such a sale. Looking sheepish, the young man replied, "I asked the man about what he was looking for. When he replied he needed tampons, I suggested that since nothing will be happening at his house this weekend, he might as well go fishing."