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    “Thus saith the Lord.” That’s me! I like it! You must call me that from now on. I have no tolerance for anybody who considers me anything less than a Diety. Do you understand?
    I am writing to update you idiots on how I plan to take ALL of your guns. And, that is just what I plan to do! No discussions, no meetings, no contact with any of you cretins! I am God and I can do what I want!
    It has been pointed out to me by some dopes that I should enter into a dialog with gun owners. Some say that I should include you trigger happy killers-which is what ALL gun owners are-in any talks about how to take your guns. I don’t have to do that! You stupid fools are going to lose in the long run! I am ALL-POWERFUL! I have the backing of one billion of my Moslem brothers. Communist China is behind me. Socialist Russia and Europe are on my side. Ant-gun Australia is for me. The wonderful Castro brothers (Fidel and Raul) love me and I love them. Communist Hugo Chavez is in my corner. It is a tragedy that he is currently so ill that he cannot rule Venezuela. If anything happens to my dear brother Hugo I will turn Venezuela over to the Communist Castros. What I am saying is: you gun owning jerks are opposed by the entire world and WE are coming after you! Do you get it?
    I advise you morons not to even think of opposing me. And, don’t mess around writing to your Congressman and Senators. I don’t need them to disarm you stupid idiots. I am ALL-POWERFUL! All I have to do to take your guns is write an Order! Hitler did it! Stalin did it! Chairman Mao-Tse-Dung did it! And, I can do it, too! I love it!
    So, you silly fools can consider that your guns are all mine! They’re already gone! I’m coming for them and I will not tolerate any resistance. I am willing to kill ten million gun owners if necessary. If it saves one life, it will be worth it. Mr. and Mrs. America: TURN THEM IN OR ELSE!!!

    President God.

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    God so loved the world He gave his only Son...
    ...Believe in Him and have everlasting life.
    John 3:16

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