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    Default manure spreader

    I received this from my brother-in-law. I thought that it was kinda cute. Hope no one is offended. He said he found it on Craig's List!

    For Sale: Fifty year old manure spreader. Not sure of brand. Said to have been produced in Kenya. Used for a few years in Indonesia before being smuggled into the US via Hawaii. Does not appear to have ever been worked very hard. Apparently, it was pampered by various owners over the years. It does not work very often, but when it does, it can really spread the manure and sling it for amazing distances. I was hoping to retire this manure spreader last November. Nevertheless, I really do not want it hanging around and getting in the way. I would prefer a foreign buyer that is willing to move it outside of the U.S. Would be willing to trade this manure spreader for a nicely framed copy of the United States Constitution .

    Location: Oval Office -Washington, D.C.

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    Excellent, thanks!

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