You recall the story of the Grasshopper and the ants? Well, old Grasshopper was kinda lazy, always fiddling around. He figured that the world owed him a living and if someone else could afford to pay his way, they should have to.
Grasshopper felt that food stamps, unemployment and welfare checks were his just due. He thought that he had a right to a job (if he wanted one), a home and loads of “free” benefits.
He was always hollering about “soaking the rich” and making them “pay their fair share.” He said that those who have more-even though they earned it-were unfair to those who have less.
He protested businesses which were providing jobs as “greedy capitalists who are destroying the environment.”
Grasshopper's “fellow-travelers” in government agreed with him and were constantly passing new laws to separate productive people from their earnings. Liberals!
The ants-on the other hand-were hard working and productive. They wanted to pay their own way and did not expect others to do it. They believed in making “hay while that sun shines” and putting something away for a rainy day. They knew that bad times would come someday and that they should be prepared. They were not political panhandlers, expecting others to provide for them. They were well aware that when someone gets something for nothing, someone else gets nothing for something. Conservatives!!!