To the Editor
the Daily Fishwrap:

Iím a liberal. Being liberal is to be tolerant. Iím the most tolerant person I know. My motto is: ďTeach tolerance.Ē
Having said that, I hate loggers. They should all be hanged! I love tree spikers.
I despise hunters. Why canít they buy their meat in the store and let animals live? And, I donít care what the Constitutions says, no one has the right to possess guns!
And, as for the Constitution, that old rag was written by rich slave-owning white men. Not one woman was involved.
I loathe men. They think that we women should be under them. Whenever a man asked me out, I always told him to treat me as an equal and not lord over me with his manish ways. But, for some reason they never called back. Maybe I should have waited until I had one hooked before telling him.
I detest Republicans. All of its members should quit and become Democrats. How wonderful this country would be!
People who make more than $20,000 a year are despicable. The government should limit how much money one person can have and take the rest and give it to poor people like me.
One more thing, Mr.Editor: Why do you allow right-wing idiots to fill your columns with their rantings? All newspapers should ban the ravings of these maniacs. The government should burn the books and newsletters that those nuts publish. Those kooks should not be allowed on the internet. I also believe that Christians and conservatives should be banned from radio and TV.
Well, I guess that Iíve shown that I can tolerate anything. Iím proud to be a liberal.

Sincerely, Mary Bleeting Hart