At one time the US Justice Department was flooding TV, radio and newspapers with the claim the guns were killing 10 American children every day.
I decided to try to find out how capable a gun is of doing anything. I took my handgun outside, loaded it, and placed it on a table. I didn’t want it to hurt anybody, so I ordered it to shoot at a paper target. It just laid there.
“Look,” I said, “you don’t have to hit the bulls-eye, just do your best.” It wouldn’t move.
Then I promised: “If you’ll shoot right now, I’ll take you inside and polish you, oil you, and I’ll get a soft lined case in which to keep you.” Nothing.
I decided to use psychology. “I recently saw a cute little stainless steel model with nice lines and pretty walnut grips. If you’ll fire just one shot, I’ll buy it to keep you company.” It didn’t budge.
I was getting exasperated! “Listen, idiot!” If you don’t do what I tell you, I’ll never clean you again!You’ll get dirty and rusty. I might even give you to Sarah Brady so that she can have you cut into scrap!” Not a twitch.
No matter what I did, it just laid there and looked at me. Maybe my particular gun is a dunce. Of course, there is always the possibility that no gun is capable of doing anything without a finger on the trigger. In that case humans are to blame and guns are innocent of all the foul charges that are constantly being made against them!