Right is right and left is wrong.
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Thread: Right is right and left is wrong.

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    Default Right is right and left is wrong.


    For a long time I have been studying the difference between liberals and conservatives. There exists a huge chasm between the two ideologies and I have often wondered if it is possible to bring them together.
    Liberals believe that all of their “Rights” come from the government and that the government “giveth” and the government “taketh away.”
    Conservatives generally feel that their “Rights” come from their Creator, (as stated in the Declaration of Independence) and only He can take them away.
    The majority of liberals believe that they have come down through the ages from filthy scum which formed in the water millions of years ago. They claim that for eons they gradually evoluted (how’s that for a word?) through various life forms such as monkeys and apes until they descended into their present forms. Springing from the earth as they do, they consider the world to be their mother. Having no GOD they feel that they have nothing to look forward to after this life is over.
    On the contrary, most conservatives feel that they were made in the image of an omnipotent and loving Father. They feel that there is a Divine purpose for their sojourn on earth and that a better life will follow.
    I have come to the conclusion that the gap between the two may never be crossed because my studies indicate that BOTH ARE CORRECT!

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    Good observation,,,

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