"To the Editor:

“The number one problem in the world today is guns! We have therefore formed an organization dedicated to banning all guns. The name for our group is Firearms Ownership Out-lawed (FOOL)! Our supporters are called by this acronym. We are looking for people to join us FOOLs in our attempt to destroy guns and make the world safe.
“FOOLs know that all crime is caused by guns! FOOLs also know that guns are made for one thing only-to kill!
“One good thing that Hitler did was to initiate gun control and for that all FOOLs are grateful. FOOLs are also indebted to similar people such as Lenin, Stalin, Tojo, Castro, Idi Amin, Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Obama Bin Laden and many other such people for their anti-gun activities.
“We FOOLs are going to destroy the National Rifle Association (NRA). Our President (an insipiration to FOOLs every where) says that the NRA is a terrorist group.
“At the rate we’re going, FOOLs will soon rule the world and those who refuse to obey us will have no right to exist! We FOOLs are against all forms of violence and those who oppose us must be exterminated!
“Are you a FOOL? do you want to be a FOOL? Do you want to get rid of crime? Then join the rest of us FOOLs and together we can eliminate the menace of guns. When only the government has guns, we will be living in a FOOL’s Paradise!”