The "Constitutional" Prsident.
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Thread: The "Constitutional" Prsident.

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    Default The "Constitutional" Prsident.

    The Constitutional President

    Recently an aide approached the President and said: “Sir, I was just reading the Constitution and....”
    “Consternation? What’s that?” interrupted the President.
    “Constitution. It’s the contract between the people and their government.”
    “Oh! You mean the Republican’s one-time ‘Contract on America?’ Ha! Ha! That didn’t amount to anything!”
    “ Oh, no, sir! I mean the 200 year old contract established by the Founding Fathers!”
    “Never heard of it!”
    “Didn’t you study it at school?”
    “I don’t remember nothing about it.”
    “You swore to uphold and protect it.”
    “When you took the Presidential Oath of Office.”
    “ Oh, that! I remember that they had me repeat some mumbo-jumbo. It didn’t mean anything. Just a hollow ritual that all Presidents take part in. But, I sure don’t recall nothin’ about no constellation.”
    “Constitution! It protects the people’s freedom. It spells out their Rights and the Government’s limitations. It tells us how to run the country.”
    “I know how to run America! I’m the President and I can do anything I want! What’s good for me is good for everybody! All I have to do to make law is write an Executive Order! I tell people what their Rights are! I can give Rights and I can take them away! I”M THE BOSS! And, I don’t need no constipation to tell me what to do!”
    “Please, sir, it’s the Constitution!”
    “Boy, people are always harassing me! I wonder what they’ll think up next?”

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    Only too true, Barky is just a slick little hustler!

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