silent partner in the big gun grab.
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Thread: silent partner in the big gun grab.

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    Default silent partner in the big gun grab.

    President Obama is the most Socialistic President in American History. But, he doesn't always get his way. One time while he was sulking, Hillary Clinton walked into his office to find him with a deep frown on his face.
    “What’s wrong?” she asked
    “I just can’t understand the American people.” he replied. “It seems that no matter what I do I cannot get guns banned. I’ve tried everything. More than eighty million Americans own guns and I want to take them all away. Only we government people should have guns. I made gun control the theme of the Democratic Convention and I’ve got the Press pushing it. But, there are just enough Constitutional Congressmen to stop me. I don’t know what to do.”
    Hillary communicates with spirits. “I’ve got a very dear friend who I think will help you. I’ll see what I can do.”
    A little later a deep voice filled the room: “Bill, what do you want from me?”
    “Wha...uh...who are you?”
    “I’m Satan, the devil!”
    “Oh, good! I’m so glad that you’re here! Is there any way that you can help me get my Assault Weapons ban?”
    “ Sure! I did it for Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Mussolini, and so on. Will you do what they did?”
    “What is it, Lord?”
    “Not much. Just give me your soul!”
    “I’ll gladly do that! I’ll even give you Hillary’s.”
    “I already have hers. Now, you’re aware that you can’t change your mind afterwards, right? So, do you agree? I get your soul and you get your gun ban!”
    “You betcha!”
    “OK! Have faith, my son and consider it done! Be seeing you again in a few years...Heh! Heh!! Heh!
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    scratch satan and write in 'allah" --LOL!

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