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    Default profanity

    Michelle recently walked into Obama’s office. “I don’t know what to do with our girls,” she said. “one of them just uttered an obscene word. I asked her where she learned such a terrible thing and she sad at school. Oh, Obama, we’ve got to put a stop to our schools teaching such vulgarity.”
    “What was it? asked Obama.
    “’s all I can do to keep from thinking of it. I consider it so awful that I hate to say it. But, believe me, it’s terrible!”
    “But, how can I do anything about it if I don’t know what it is?”
    “Well, it’s the English word that you most despise!”
    “Oh,no! You don’t mean to tell me that my daughter said...the word that is against everything I believe and stand for...everything I’ve worked for...I just can’t say it!”
    “Yes, Obama. The word that you and I both consider to be the most despicable in the English language.”
    “I’ve failed! I’ve done everything to make sure that our girls are not exposed to such a horror but now it’s happened! Well, send her in and I’ll talk to her. Maybe we can convince her that some words should never be spoken.”
    As his daughter entered the office her father looked at her sternly. “Young lady, your mother tells me that you have been using vulgar language. Is it true?”
    “But, daddy, I didn’t know!”
    “Well, now you do. I want it plainly understood that no one is ever to use that awful word around me. I want everybody to know that I consider no word to be more nauseating than--choke!!--’Constitution!’”

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    Excellent and unfortunately true!

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