“One problem with America is the greed demonstrated by businesses. They are destroying the world. We have formed an organization to combat this type of activity. We call ourselves ‘Individuals Dedicated to Improving Our Terrain (IDIOTs).
“We IDIOTS are going to stop all mining, logging, farming and ranching. Those of you who work at these jobs should be aware that the Government has many food and money give-away programs so that employment is unnecessary. So, join us IDIOTs and quit working!
“Miners want to dig up the mountains and we IDIOTs must prevent them.
“Loggers will cut down all the trees unless we IDIOTs stop them.
“Why do we need farmers? All IDIOTS know that there is plenty of food available in grocery stores!
“Ranchers allow their herds to devastate the countryside. So, fellow IDIOTs, it is our duty to put ranchers out of business.
“In the past, IDIOTs have done admirable work such as spiking trees, pouring sand and sugar into equipment fuel tanks and harassing anti-environmental people. Demonstrations such as chaining ourselves to trees have gotten us IDIOTs marvelous publicity, so, keep it up!
“What IDIOTs really want is a world without humans, where plants and animals can exist naturally. We therefore seek the support of everybody. This is not just for country folks but village IDIOTs are also welcome!Your help is needed, so, come on and be useful IDIOTs!
"We hope to see posts on this forum from other IDIOTs demonstrating solidarity with us."