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    Hey guys,

    I came across this little gem. It is a combo of the best harp player in the world (IMHO) with the 3 stooges. I love the stooges. They are a guy thing. Ladies do not generally appreciate the stooges. Once me and may neighbor were going on vacation to da beach. We had suit cases in hand and were proceeding to the door. We neglected to turn off the TV, and that 3 BLIND MICE, stooges song came on. Our heads turned instantly, suitcases dropped in Unison and we sat on the floor to watch da stooges.

    His wife was livid and said..."I can't believe this crap. We are going on vacation! And the stooges come on and you guys sit down like like zombies!" I said.."Gary, let me handle this". "Babe, its the stooges for goodness sake. It is a sacred man thing!"

    Anyway see .

    I almost died from laughing at this.

    BTW the group is the J Geils band and that is "Magic Dick" on Harmonica! Enjoy!

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    Thanks very much, used to watch them the time when I was a kid.

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    Awesome stuff. Love the Stooges! Somebody spent some timing editing to put that together.
    You ARE right about women and the Stooges. My wife bitches every time I've ever watched them. They just don't get it!
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