Truth is funnier than fiction
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Thread: Truth is funnier than fiction

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    Default Truth is funnier than fiction

    Did you guys hear about the college intern working at NTSB that pranked a San Francisco news station(KTVU) by confirming incorrect names for the 4 pilots of the Asiana Flight in San Francisco that came in too low and crashed?

    The newscaster read the 4 bogus pilots names live on TV. I don't mean to make light of a tragic plane crash but I saw the video and it cracked me up. U tube has removed them all!

    The 4 names announced were:

    Sum Ting Wong

    Wee Tu Lo

    Ho Lee Fuk


    Bing Bang Ow

    or somesuch.

    Apparently these news idiots are like Obama and will read anything off a teleprompter without thinking about it.

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    Yeah, I figger the whole thing started as a bet between two employees about who could make the anchors read the most outrageous thing without realizing it.

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