crazy-horse and sitting bull on Obama--
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Thread: crazy-horse and sitting bull on Obama--

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    Default crazy-horse and sitting bull on Obama--

    chief crazy-horse and chief sitting-bull were smoking the peace-pipe one night and chief crazy-horse said to chief sitting bull

    " you know if white people were as stupid back in our day as today we would have the entire west in our grasp! stupid white-eyes even thinks the great black brother is going to give them free obama phones, free education, free food and even free healthcare!"

    sitting bull replied "baahh! the promised us free food and blankets in 1875! whites be fools! custer has yet to deliver our blankets!-- but i did get a sack of birth control pills last week!"

    the moral of the story if the federal government can't even get a few blankets delivered in 100 years --how are they going to do all this other freebie shit?


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    Good one, thanks!

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