I have been wanting to do a 308 winchester pistol for hunting for over a year and posted on it back then. although it seems completly do able the very high champer pressures (close to 60,000 psi) of some of the surplus and hand load like mine have been a valid concern. even though the Yugo trunion appears the same as the as the 308 version I am not ready to risk my life on it.
This is what I am now considering. I plan to turn the head of the 308 brass down from .473 to the .447 the head diamiter of the 7.62 x 39. this would allow me to use the AK bolt as is (may need a spring loaded pin) and prevent accidental champering of some of the hot loads that me and my buddies use in our bolt actions. there are many starting loads listed for the 308 with CUP pressures from 27,00 cup pressure to 45,000 psi CUP pressure. for example my Lyman manual shows a load win 748 powder @44 grains pushing a 150 grain bullet 2690 fps with a low CUP pressure of 32,700 well below some average loads for the 7.62x39. the hotest load for the 7.62x39 in the same book is 44,700 CUP and only moving a 123 grain bullet at 2376 fps. yes the custom turning of the brass will be time consuming but I probably will only shoot it 30 40 rounds per year in a hunting enviroment. the same will be done in 358 win, 7mm-08, 243 338-08 ect ast the brass is all based on the 308 round. I also get to name it some thing like the 308 biggun or the 308 RMR just to baffel the people who ask what the !@#% IM shoting