7.62x39mm vs 7.92mm(kurtz)
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Thread: 7.62x39mm vs 7.92mm(kurtz)

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    Default 7.62x39mm vs 7.92mm(kurtz)

    I will try this again, is there anyone here that has the data for the average chamber pressure for 7.62 x39mm and 7.92x33 mm using miltary not commerical but if you have commerical data that helps also



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    7.62 x39 in the Lyman book hotest load is 44,700CUP if it were rated in PSI it would be higher. if you are trying to figure out what the AK can handel the same book has the 223 at 52,400 CUP. keep in mind that bolt thrust is a factor and head size makes a differance. I have no data on the 7.92x33 but not many non magum loads exced 54,000 cup. I have seen some internet loads at 50,000 CUP for the 7.62x39. keep in mind that CUP pressures and loads rated in PSI are not direcly comparable but it seems that PSI loads are around 5-8 thousand pound higher. what project do you have in mind??

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    7.62x39 has about 4600 lbs of bolt thrust no idea on the kurtz

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