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Thread: Ak in .45 winchester magnum gas port help

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    WAAAY back in the day when there was only gunsnet, someone restricted their gas port by tapping it for carbeurator jets and swapping out different sizes. Never ever heard how that worked out. You could do that plug thing, which would keep the gas going down the barrel.

    If on the other hand you feel it would be OK to have it always "under-powered" by venting the extra gas, then it would be easiest to simply vent the "extra" gas at the tube.

    If the screw/plug thingy works for biggun's .223 ? pressures then it would certainly work for the lower pressures of the winmag
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    If the screw/plug thingy works for biggun's .223 ? pressures then it would certainly work for the lower pressures of the winmag
    Ive likely seen pressures in the 65 ,000 PSI range or more based on the flat and pierced primers when working up loads. However keep in mind that there is not that much pressure past the port or restriction. the piston dosent allow pressure to build up as long as it moves. if you ever get a stuck case look out as the pistion wont move and you could see barrel pressure on a restrictor or plug. I used a 10-32 allen head screw and its been in there for 2000 rounds. I should have had it going across the passage and not directly in it. mu screw has about 1/2 of threads so it should take a lot of pressure there likely is specs on what it takes to push a screw out of a threaded hole.

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    Tacked a scope rail on the gun and put a cheapo 4x scope on. Shooting the last of the light XTP loads Ive got 4.5" groups at 75 yrds but even at the relatively slow 1700 fps speeds I had 2 XTP come apart.

    230 would be a better choice.

    Was also able to try some barnes expanders. 250 grain but no chrono to check velocity. they were only about .5" lower then the XTP on target and the grouping was close to the same. I had one group that was tight at 3" and one loose at 6.5".

    Considering I am only going to use it out to 88 yards for white tail, this isnt too bad. (but not great).

    I also had 3 rounds loaded very lightly with 230 grain ball. (roughly 45 super specs but in a slightly larger case) these were much easier on the gas system and cycled smoothly. I guess the port would be right for them.

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