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Thread: Hmm, re-caliberizing ......hope thats a word

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    i have everything except magazines for mine with about $140 in it, $89 bocephus kit, $35 remington take off ebay barrel (ebay and paypal suck) $10 AK buillder flat. tigged my bolt up reheattreated after cutting on lathe, boss is real nice!!!

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    It will be a while before I get pics of any thing up as computer wont take camera photos anymore. but what i did was mill the original rsb down flush welded in a piece of flat bar to the top of it I then milled up a steel weaver rail and atttached it to the flat bar with small allen heads . the bottom of the sight bloclk was milled off as well and a solid block of steel the width of the reciver was bored to fit the aprox 1" varmit barrel I milled a slot in the block and fitted the milled sight block into it and plugwelded it in through holes in the block from the side and then milled it all smooth. IT was a major PITA. the bottom mod would not be nessacary if you retained the original barrel or barrel sizes. the gas tube is held in with a allen bolt and a tab welded onto the tube it is floating on the RSB and the GB..

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