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    Default 6.5x39 Info

    Here you go:


    Search for "6.5" in the reloading dies section. About $75. I think they have brass too.

    This caliber should take 7.62x39 headspace gauges as well.

    I started a thread about a year ago about the different 6.5 calibers... will link back to that one too.
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    The "original" Boltcutter Rivet Squeezers:

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    someone should make direct replacement barrels for this round and sell brass and dies as well. I think there would be a market. the taper of this round would aid in chambering and extraction in a dirty weapon. the down side is compared to the grendal it has less case capacity and the less than optimum throat placement. but it would still be a good round. some were i read that this round was competive in bench rest at one time. there is also a 6.5 mm PPC. . I have read that the PPC rounds do not work well in SA rifles, although I have seen AR15 uppers in 6mm PPC.
    Then again on a AK you could just build a 243 WIN. same build as a 308 AK but with a 6mm barrel and it will out power all the shorter rounds. the beauty of a 6.5x39 AK build is the only thing you would have to change would be the barrel.

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    i would check with some of the IHMSA guys they use 6.5x39 a good bit i think

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