Questions about Powders for Fire-Forming?
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Thread: Questions about Powders for Fire-Forming?

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    Default Questions about Powders for Fire-Forming?

    I've been reading that the most popular powders are bullseye or red dot since they are the hottest.

    Can you use something like Unique?

    Are there others?

    What about pulled powders? There are some relatively cheap pulled powders I wonder about because it would be even cheaper to use those.

    What is the "coolest" powder you can use?
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    I've used Unique for blowing .308 cases out to 7.65x53. Bullseye worked better, but Unique was okay.

    Some people use cornmeal or other filler on top of the powder. I used cotton balls, which worked okay.

    Do one or two cases and see how they form. If they don't form out all the way you'll have to add more/faster powder or more cornmeal or cotton.

    Generally fireforming won't give you a crisp shoulder on the case; depending on how thick the brass is at the shoulder area, it may take a couple of full-power firings to get a perfect shape.

    Watch the case mouth thickness; depending on what you're forming, the mouth can be thicker than specified for the cartridge.

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    About the only thing I fire form is 22 K Hornet. I' a corn meal with strofoam or a drop of Elmers glue in the end type a guy. Made a fire form insert from a 5" barrel drop. Chamber it and turned it to fit in a 410 break open shotgun. I use Bullseye, WW231 or some old WW273AA(?) shot shell powder. Shoot into an old 5 gal steel empty Acetone can (been flushed no fumes) w/ plastic spout. Go out to the garage and hammer away. Can mutes the noise so the Misses and neighbors don't complain. Word of warning about ordering canister powder (have had good sucess). Two months after I ordered a bunch Pat's canister powder a buddy came by with a large trash bag full of cans of powder (his father had pass a while back). Most were almost interchangeable or identical with what I had bought. Canister is good but free is better.

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