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Why does your pistol caliber AK have to be gas operated? ... A gas operated pistol caliber AK needs to have the carrier weight drasticaly reduced ...
Weight savings and elimination or reduction in possible of out-of-battery discharge, being two primary reasons.

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you need to tap the gas from the barrel very close to the chamber because of how weak most pistol cals are, and tighten up the gas tube diameter to get the most out of that little cartridge.
Similar issues existed in the AR platform, but have been successfully addressed. The TOK AR uses a shorted than pistol gas tube, as is hinted for the .45acp flavor.

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Then once it does get working it is picky about loads and much less reliable than good ol' blowback.
The wide range of ammo displayed in the aforementioned AR thread seem to demonstrate an acceptable tolerance in digestion.

Bottom line: less weight and recoil (as reported by those who have used them).

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