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    How about a straight pull bolt action AK?

    My thinking is something along that line. One piece of tubing for the receiver. Bolt in trunnion so that if you wanted to change calibers just unscrew and swap in different trunnion and barrel. Tubing extends past trunnion for handguard/bipod mount with some type of dust shield. Bolt handle on left side so not to break grip cycling. Heavy or bull barrel. Trigger pack that is in a module. Stock pivots or removed to allow bolt and maybe trigger pack to be removed from the rear of the reciever. Not much left of an AK except the trunnion, bolt, and the carrier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1biggun View Post

    are there any threaded trunions for a stamped reciver out there avaliable???
    Get a milled receiver front stub from someone that built off a complete receiver and you can work it into a stamped build.

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    Gunter I like that build but I need it to be semi auto for this. In a way it is very simular to what I had before I added the gas block and tube. I hunted Pdogs the first year as a pull back only it shot about the same as it does now. it had a floating barrel the fore grip is supported by a milled plate going to the reciver and it is a screw build. I was thinking of building it into a 17-223 with a spare barrel assemly instead of an entire new gun. I have also been kicking around a downsized bolt action 50 cal AR upper in some thing like 300 mag.

    Pull back only no gas block

    DYI using a stub from a milled kit can be done and is a good idea I think I mentiond I could do that some were above. I would like to get a threaded stub and maybe build a swith barrel set up with a barrel nut like a savage bolt action. Anyone got one?? I would like the rear stub also then I would just weld it back with repair plates. I have a millled yugo pined barrel that could be done this way. it would certainly take reciver flex out of the picture and possably answer some questions HMMMM

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