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    Quote Originally Posted by vz58 View Post
    Actually there is a bottle neck but after that unlike other rounds it IS a straight walled case, that is what I was refering to

    and the 17HMR will penetrate the front panel of a vest. I have done it. It however lacks enough velocity to damage the inside of the second panel
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellson View Post
    There are chamber pressures, and the rearward pressure, but I can not remember the term for it.
    I believe you are refering to is "bolt thrust".

    I can't believe this post is STILL kicking arround in the "converting ak's to other calibers section! This isn't even about a semi-auto idea.

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    well i thought about building one on a AK for about 5 minutes and relized there was no point. my 223 will do every thing better and cheaper and faster.

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