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On the 17 cal gas port issue, would two smaller holes do the trick? One in front of the other or perhaps angled off bore centerline kind of like a V2 engine?

Actually I remember 1biggun talking about this with his .17 caliber AK, I think it was going to be 3 gas ports, all in a groove in the rifling.
yea Im working on it or at leaast thinking a lot aabout it. I think my 17 barrel has three grove rifeling if it does I was thinking 3 ports of a size that flowed the same amount of gas as one at the same distance down the barrel indexed evenly, with a gas block that had a groove all the way around the inside of it might do the job. I posted the idea on it here and in my accurizing the AK thread.

there might be some acccuracy advantages in a larger bore as well in regards to barrel harmonics and all that jazz. a 4 groove barrel could use two ports spaced across from each other. not sure if accuracy would be better with two small ports or one normal. keeping them cleaned out would be tough with out some access holes ect. Im surprised that the AR designers havent tried this ( may have for all I know). as far as I know im the first to throw it out there in a forum like this. the 1biggun multiport gas system HEE HEE

the amount of gas needed to run the port versus whats going out the barrel is a concern with a port over half the size of the bore as well. the 17-223 is pretty over bore and needs to burn a lot of powder. im thinking one might see some substantial reductions in MV with a gas operated gun Vs a bolt action. I have seen were guys have done AR,s in 17 remington and 17-223 and other simular wild cats It would be intersting to know what MV they get VS unported.

I am building a new varmit AK in 223 or somthing simular (maybe 220 russian or 22 PPC) soon and the barrel on my 223 varmit build I have now has around 2000+ rounds through it. I might simply just rebarrel it to 17-223 when the new 223 is done. it will save a lot of work building all the large Id GB,s and scope mounts ect and the bolt is the same and the trigger is done ect. I know that plateform will support sub 1/2 accuracy so Ill be able to tell right away if the new barrel is working as all the other variabales are proven. I just hate to screw up a $300 barrel by drilling a gas port in it if its not going to shoot good or half the gas is coming out of the port instead of the muzzel.

I have close to $500 in stuff to make a 17-223 so one will get built even if its a bolt action or a (dont laugh) pumpaction AK. a pump dont need a gas port and would be awsome for varmits if the barrel was still floated. would work with plinker loads as well since gas pressure/ volume would not be a isssue. I need to stop drinking and thinking about this stuff a 1AM