thanks biggun i was thinking about going that route but my wife actually asked me why i don't just buy a new barrel so of to ORF's website i went and now i have a new us made m76 barrel.

I know what you mean about usa made commercial ammo. I always have used sellier and bellot 196 grain in my m48 yugo mauser but i bought a box of winchester 170 grain or so and it was very noticably weaker so since then i've stayed away from american commercial 8x57 like the plague lol but i'm not sure if an ak system would like 196 grain standard loads. I need to finish my build first though haha

I have another question i've asked in another thread but i'll put it here so i can keep track. as far as my rear iron sight would i change to say a psl or even m76 sight? or is the difference between those and the standard ak in the ramp profile? on advice from guys here i'm going to be using a yugo rpk rear sight base but if the difference is the ramp and not the sight then i will just use my m70's sight for the time being and maybe figure out how to correctly reprofile my ramp (which might not be easy, not sure) otherwise I'd try to round up at least a psl sight (I'm sure 7.62x54r and 8x57 are somewhat close enough)