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    Default 250 SAVAGE

    The 250-savage would likely be a safe factory loaded round on the AK. its pressure is 45,000 CUP. its loaded length is about the same as a 308 win.

    it not cheap for brass and loaded ammo is pricy but it would be a calibure that a guy could go to the store and but ammo for it.

    the round is not any better than a 243 or any thing but it is a good and once very popular round.

    MY Mom has a 250 sav on a model 99 Savage an I may be reloading for it soon. I might have to find a 25-06 barrel and rechamber it since i will have dies and brass. it appears that brass can be formed from 270 with out special dies. according to my book.

    I like the idea of using rounds that are safer in factory loads.

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    I used to have my great grandads 99 takedown model 250-3000. Kilt a few deers with hollow points I did.

    Yeah.....I sold it in a moment of idiocy. Fast, flat & LOUD!
    First commercial cartridge at 3000fps?
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